ISS Materials

Stream 1

The grand energy transition: opportunities, challenges and trade-offs. A corporate perspective from Italy Marco Margheri
Pricing Green Financial Products Awdesch Melzer
A carbon-constrained future and its impact on financial markets Stefan Trueck
Trends in international climate policy Richard Tol
Energy Efficiency and new frontiers Livio De Santoli
Green is the new black: evidences and challenges in the European energy landscape Elisa Scarpa

Stream 2

Blockchain Finance and Cryptocurrencies - part 1 Carol Alexander
Fintech for Asset and Wealth Management: trends and real applications Emiliano Laruccia
Bitcoin, Brexit and other bubble stories. Quantitative evidence from different models Marco Bianchetti Material
Bitcoins, from an economic and financial standpoints Helyette Geman Material
Blockchain Finance And Cryptocurrencies - Part 2 Carol Alexander
Fintech: recent developments in banking. Business models, risks, regulation Sergio Sorrentino
Credit Default Swaps: Financial Markets, Corporate Finance and Regulation Marti G. Subrahmanyam Material
Network models for financial technologies Paolo Giudici Material, Material, Material

Stream 3

Inflation targeting, low inflation, and debt overhang - mind the gaps Joshua Aizenman Material
Fiscal Shocks and Helicopter Money in Open Economy Giorgio Di Giorgio and Guido Traficante Material
Non-neutrality of Open Market Operations Salvatore Nisticò Material
The ECB asset purchase programs and the EU regulatory pressure: impacts and collateral effects in the lending practice of peripheral banking sectors Marcello Minenna Material

Stream 4

Risk management with POE, VaR, CVaR and bPOE: applications in finance Stan Uryasev Material
Securities lending in insurance and systemic risk Enrico Biffis Material
Insurance in the digitale era Andrea Battista
Risk reduction: not only NPLs. The need to intervene on level 3 / level 2 financial assets and other silent risks Stefano Del Punta Material
Unintended consequences of regulation: Rogue traders vs VaR and expected shortfall Damiano Brigo
50 Years of Altman's Z-Score model and its Applications in Financial and Managerial Markets Edward I. Altman Material
The Behavioral models for managing the Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book Matteo Formenti
To be defined Antonio Guglielmi