Green economics and finance

Energy Efficiency represent  the EU’s largest energy resource. Investments in Energy Efficiency  are  the most cost effective manner to reduce the EU’s reliance, and expenditure, on energy imports which represent a large part of yearly costs in Europe.

Europe’s Energy Efficiency and GHG Targets will not be reached without concerted effort from policy-markers and markets participants. New forms of investments and funding are now available to support EE, Green Bonds represent the plain vanilla instrument to fund Energy Efficiency.

In this context it is crucial the role played by recent research results and experts knowledge. The aim of the first Stream of the ISS2018 is  focused on Green Economics and Finance and will bring together scholars and experts of the Energy industry



Livio De Santoli
Sapienza University of Rome
Marco Margheri
Awdesch Melzer
Berlin University
Elisa Scarpa
Richard Tol
University of Sussex
Stefan Trueck
Macquarie University